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  What our clients have said:
"Hi Dianne, we just wanted to say thank you so much for everything, are god's gift to us. Take good care and we will keep you updated.  -  Mr and Mrs T, Onchan, IOM,
" I went to see Dianne to get rid of a phobia I had carried around for 35 years of my life, She sorted it out in 2 sessions. I didn't really need the second I just didnt believe it could go that quick so went back just in case. A little miracle worker!" S B, Castletown
"When I went to see Dianne I was suffering from panic attacks, a generalized anxiety disorder and flashbacks after a serious car accident. Dianne was very warm and kind and I trusted her instantly. She relieved and stopped my flashbacks and panic attacks in a few sessions, and I  have gradually felt my life returning to normal with her help. Dianne is always available at the end of the phone (even when she is on holiday) and has given me the tools to help myself. I would highly recommend her.   Mr. R H  Ramsey
Dianne has helped me overcome a very traumatic personal event in my life that happened over 25 years ago but has been stuck and causing me considerable anguish. In six sessions, I feel completely different - gone are the flashbacks, agoraphobia and general anxiety - I feel like a different person and can remember the past fondly now. Thank you. 
DC  Douglas

Highly recommend. Di did fantastic work with me in a short period of time. I cannot thank her enough.   RP 05.02.13

Hi Di, thank you so much for helping me. I feel so much different, quite hard to explain, but in a very positive way. I would highly recommend this non intrusive treatment (EMDR) Name and address supplied. Douglas.

 I just wanted to say, I can't believe it. 40 years I have been carrying this baggage with me believing that I would always feel this way. Thank you so much for  helping me let it go. I can't quite believe the difference and that I spent so long feeling bad when I didn't need to, in six sessions! Abusive events can be got over, don't carry them with you, you don't have to. Try EMDR,  with Dianne, it's magic, she's magic.   SP Port Erin,  

I can't recommend Dianne too highly, lovely person, easy to talk to and best of all very skilled in helping me move from suicidal and severely depressed to living a life I love and have continued to live for the past three years now. She helped where others couldn't. I really can't endorse her more highly.  MB, Port Erin 

Hi Di, thank you so much for helping me. I feel so much different, quite hard to explain, but in a very positive way. I would highly recommend this non intrusive treatment. JK

I came to the centre after experiencing profound grief after the loss of a loved one. It had caused my anxiety to spiral out of control and I generally thought I was having a breakdown. I do believe that without Dianne's help this would have happened, and although I had been to another therapist in the past, they hadn't explained things like she could. I can't explain how the treatment worked, just that it did. She helped me realise that I've been suffering from anxiety most of my life. Its difficult to describe but since having treatment, I now finally feel like myself and have so much more confidence. Friends and Family are always saying they can't believe how much I've changed from being so shy to being an outgoing person. Can't recommend enough, and strongly encourage anyone suffering like I was to seek help. Anxiety can be beaten. ES Feb 2017

Driving test phobia
" I just wanted to let you know I passed! It was great, no nerves, nothing. I can't believe it! Thank you so much, I don't know  what you did  to me but it worked. I  wish I had come to you earlier, after six years of lessons and nine tests, just to fail time and time again because of  tests nerves. I would have saved sooooo much money,  Ms. T P  Port Erin, IOM

"Dianne, I can't thank you enough for all your hard work, help and support I really don,t know what me and (  name withheld) would have done without you. If it wasn't for you I don't think my family and my marriage would have survived. Thank you for hanging on in there and going above and beyond the call of duty, I will recommend you highly to anyone who needs your skills.   Mrs GC. Peel, Iom 

“Hi Dianne, I just wanted to let you know that our application was granted last week. your report assisted me greatly and I wanted to thank you for all your  help.    
Mrs J.G  Onchan, isle of Man. 

Dianne has helped me and my children significantly since my divorce. She has helped me set boundaries and help my children through this difficult period. Can't recommend her highly enough. Ms. PK Castletown

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