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What does New Year Mean to you?
Happy New Year


Goals not resolutions
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What does New Year Mean to you?

Happy New Year.
We hope you had a good break and returned to every day normality. For some of us that's back to work, for others it's back to school and maybe exams!. 
The common question I have been asked over the past three weeks is "have you made  a New Years resolution, and if so what is it. My answer is that that if I need to make a change in my life, I don't have to wait until the New Year to put change into action.
The  reason however, that  resolutions are such a tradition is that New Year is the time people think about their lives and the changes they want to make.

Happy New Year

Well here goes, my first attempt to write a blog!  Apparently that makes me a "blogger". I am  sure there are worse things to be, but as I am not entirely sure what a blog is, I am imagining it as an online diary to share with you some thoughts, some ideas, some tips, some interesting facts or information ( well interesting to us at least)  and  a forum for  getting your thoughts, ideas and feedback. So Happy New Year everybody!  Out with the old in with the New, and welcome to our brand New Website!
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