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Independent Social Care Service

The Lewis Bateson Centre is an association of professional social workers, and therapists providing independent expert assessments for children and families in both public and private law, and specifically designed and focused consultancy.

The unique organisation and structure of the Lewis Bateson Centre cuts out agency costs and administration bureaucracy. We are able to offer a service to local authorities to cut down on costs of social work time and travel by undertaking statutory or other visits and assessments on their behalf, keeping their overheads to a minimum .

TheLewis Bateson Centre can keep costs to the client down and remuneration to the associates fair.

All Associates are experienced professionals who are rigorously checked for the quality of their expertise, integrity and safety of their practice and who consider the child’s welfare as paramount.

The Lewis Bateson Centre matches the clients requirements with practioner expertise to provide a prompt and professional service.

Central to all our work in social work and therapy with children is that the welfare of the child is paramount and this will not be compromised.

Some of the services we can provide are listed below.

  • Guardian ad Litem Services in Care Proceedings
  • Guardian ad Litem Services in Adoption Proceedings
  • Next Friend
  • Chairing of Independent Reviews
  • Parenting Capacity Assessments
  • Viability Assessments
  • Attachment Assessments
  • Core Assessments
  • Section 7 reports uk/section 11 reports in the IOM
  • Pre birth assessments
  • Fostering and Adoption Assessments
  • Kinship Assessments
  • Special Guardianship Reports

    Other Services

  • Statutory Visits on behalf of other local Authorities
  • Training

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